Career Coaching Services in Vancouver, BC


Are you unsatisfied with your career? Is your job plan not going the way you expected? Call Peaked Interest Career Development today for helpful career services in Vancouver, BC.

Expert Services

While working with me, I will help you develop and further your career through a variety of different methods. My coaching includes methods that will help you do the following:

  • Explore your career options
  • Develop an effective resume and cover letter
  • Use LinkedIn and create an impactful LinkedIn profile
  • Job search more effectively with my advice
  • Improve interview and salary negotiation skills
  • Grow your career or transition to a new one
  • Excel at your job
  • Identify areas of strength and development
  • Navigate workplace politics

I am flexible with coaching options to ensure you get the help you need, whether in person, over the phone, or through online meetings. I will always give you support and accountability with authentic feedback.



Established Path to Success

As you develop your career, you need to work with someone you can depend on. When you work with me, you can expect me to the following:

  • Have expertise in the job market
  • Give objective and supportive guidance as someone with a depth of experience in the working world
  • Provide assistance for defining your goals and a concrete direction and for determining next steps when you’re stuck
  • Give you tools for motivation and encouragement
  • Offer honest, authentic, and supportive feedback
  • Help develop personalized action plans
  • Provide professional consulting and referrals when a task is out of the scope of my ability

In turn, I expect you to do the following:

  • Be honest and authentic
  • Participate actively and commit to action items developed by you
  • Give regular feedback to me about what’s working and what’s not

By providing each other this basis of mutual understanding and trust, we can achieve your goals more efficiently and effectively.

Make an appointment today for career coaching services using the link below, or contact me through my online contact form with any questions