Just because it’s free doesn’t mean it isn’t good

When I visit a bookstore, it’s sometimes to buy a (rare) new hardcover but it’s more likely to buy a trinket or a pretty journal that looks good but I forget to use. I’m a friend of the old school public library and in Metro Vancouver we lucky locals are spoiled for what this free resource has to offer to job seekers and career growers. This is the first of several blog posts that will cover resources available at your local library and online.  To be a part of this special club and to get to take advantage of the services, you must get yourself a library card. It sounds a bit old school but choose to think differently and see yourself instead as an early adopter or as they say in Vancouver, a hipster.

Since you’re already there, ask the librarians at the Reference desk if they have any tips of where to look for information about jobs or careers. Did you know that in order to be a librarian you have to have a Master’s degree? They are a wealth of information for a reason. Consider asking them to show you the careers or job section of the library and then spend some time just picking up books off the shelf that interest you. The Vancouver Public Library’s Central Library location and the Bob Prittie Branch of the Burnaby Public Library have dedicated spaces for career resources. The librarians showcase the latest publications for you to pick up and take home with you for a few weeks.

How lucky are we that we have community services that take the time to pull career resources for us in one central location and then let us take it home, no credit card or collateral required?

This is the 1st of 4 blog posts on free and recommended career resources.  Check them all out!

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