Just because it’s free doesn’t mean it isn’t good – Part 2
Rediscovering your public library

I previously wrote about the amazingness of our local public library, a resource often overlooked because many of us haven’t bothered to visit recently and don’t know what it has to offer.

Besides going into a branch to obtain a library card (yes, another card for your wallet – but worth more than any of your points cards put together), you don’t really have to physically visit often. Case in point, the online career resources they offer starting with the Vancouver Public Library’s Skilled Immigrant Infocentre. This name is such a misnomer for the actual content of the centre – a huuuuuge career centre that puts guides right into your hands. The librarians have assured me that the career centre is open to absolutely everyone. (Why the misleading name? The centre has received government funding to put together career resources for new immigrants.) Check out the site to view job guides, links to books, labour market and salary guides. You can even book a tour of the careers centre on this site.

Several B.C. public library websites offer Career Cruising, a content-rich site which includes online career and learning style assessments, job descriptions and video interviews with people currently working in the field. I don’t believe assessments are the end-all-be-all; they aren’t crystal balls that tell you which job you should aim for. However, this is a great starting place to consider what you like and what you’re good at, then becoming exposed to careers you may have not considered or maybe even heard of.


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